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Military Saves

We offer an AccountTRANSFER Overdraft Protection Plan. AccountTRANSFER Overdraft Protection allows you to use the money you put aside in a separate designated “transfer from” account as protection against overdrafts in other accounts. AccountTRANSFER Overdraft Protection transfers are made for the exact amount required to cover the overdraft. If your designated “transfer from” account does not have enough available funds to cover the necessary amount, we will not make a transfer and our normal per item NSF/

Fort Hood National Bank is a proud partner of Military Saves Week. Join other servicemen and women across the country in taking the pledge to save.

Whether your goals include getting out of debt, saving for a large purchase, or investing in the future - savings can be the vehicle that drives your success.  Here are some helpful savings resources:

Set a Goal. Make a Plan. Save Automatically.

Our Military Saves Account is a great way to start saving toward your goals. Setup a monthly automatic transfer and watch your goals become a reality.

Military Saves Participant Badge

Take the Military Saves pledge today!