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Card Controls

Lost your debit card? Don't panic. Card Controls is now available.

Have you ever reached for your debit or credit card and realized that it’s not there? You hope that your card is simply misplaced as opposed to lost or stolen. However, worry has already set in regarding its whereabouts. It’s time to take action, but where do you start? We have an easy, convenient option for you: the Card Controls feature in our Mobile Banking App. With this control option, you can simply turn your card off the second you find it missing. Once it’s off, you can begin to handle the situation calmly knowing that your finances are safe.

Our Card Controls feature allows a cardholder to control when their cards can be used through our Mobile Banking App. This security option gives our customers the power to prevent unauthorized transactions by managing the on and off setting for each card from their mobile device. Therefore, customers are able to protect their funds immediately if a card is misplaced or stolen. 

Monitor your funds safely and securely with Card Controls today!

Simple to Use

  1. Download our Mobile Banking App on your phone, and create your account
  2. Select “Card Controls” from the more menu on your device
  3. Follow the system prompts to “Allow” and/or “Accept” the services

Click here to visit the Google Play Store and download our Mobile Banking App           Click here to visit the Apple App Store and download our Mobile Banking App

We do not charge for this service, but message and data rates may apply. Contact your wireless carrier for details.