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Debit Card

Our Debit Mastercard® is a convenient alternative to carrying cash or writing checks. Our card is accepted at millions of merchants worldwide, and you have the added benefit of access to cash at over 400 of our ATMs located in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Choose from two great debit options:

  • Debit Mastercard You can use your debit card anywhere that Mastercard is accepted —over 20 million locations worldwide. Use your debit card by entering your PIN, or simply swipe and sign for your purchase. 
  • Photo Debit Mastercard A great option for those who like a little more security, our Photo Debit Mastercard includes your photo in the upper left-hand corner of the card. This makes it easy for cashiers to identify the owner of the card.

FAQ on the Debit Mastercard

To learn more about these valuable benefits, please call 1-800-MC-ASSIST (1-800-622-7747). For a full description of the benefits and how to use them, you can download or print the Benefits Guide by clicking the link below or request a printed copy by calling 254-544-4213.

Mastercard Guide to Benefits