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Non-Interest Bearing Checking Accounts

Serving Those Who Serve
When it comes to checking accounts, you have the freedom of choice. No matter what your checking needs are, we have an account for you.

Free Checking

The best things in life are free. Say goodbye to monthly fees. Our Free Checking Account has all the features you need to access and manage your money with ease. No minimum balance required.

Retired Military/ 20 Plus/ First Priority: Regular Non-Interest Bearing Checking

This account is made for our retired military and active duty soldiers with 20 or more years of service, or for customers ages 55 and up. Our regular checking account comes with no minimum daily balance! Check out this account’s great additional features!

Order Checks

If this is your first check order or if your address has changed since your last order, you must contact the bank directly to order checks. Please visit your local branch and speak to a personal banker or contact customer support at 800-477-9801.