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Overdraft Fee

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What fees will I be charged if Fort Hood National Bank pays my overdraft?

Under our standard overdraft practices:

  • We may charge you a fee of up to $34 each time we pay an overdraft. Our overdraft fees are tiered based on the number of “occurrences” in a rolling 12-month period. A rolling 12-month period is defined as the current month and previous 11 months. A day with at least one insufficient funds or returned item/withdrawal request is considered an “occurrence” even if we do not charge you an NSF or Overdraft fee.
    • First Occurrence                                             $19.00
    • Second and Third Occurrence                       $29.00
    • Fourth and Subsequent Occurrences            $34.00
  • If we pay more than three (3) overdraft items for you in one (1) day, we will limit the number of per item Overdraft fees we charge you to three (3) per banking day. We will also limit the number of per item Overdraft fees to ten (10) per calendar month.
  • If we choose to pay items into the overdraft we will not charge you an Overdraft fee if the items we pay
    • are $5 per item or less
    • collectively result in an account balance that does not overdraw the account more than $10, including fees.