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AccountTRANSFER Overdraft Protection

Serving Those Who Serve

AccountTRANSFER Overdraft Protection allows you to use the money you put aside in a separate designated "transfer from" account as protection against overdrafts in other accounts.

AccountTRANSFER Overdraft Protection transfers are made for the exact amount required to cover the overdraft plus the applicable transfer fee. If your designated "transfer from" account does not have enough available funds to cover the necessary amount, we will not make a transfer. We will make one (1) transfer per day and one (1) AccountTRANSFER Overdraft Protection fee of $2 will be assessed. If the exact amount is not available in the designated "transfer from" account to cover the overdraft plus the transfer fee, then no transfer will take place and our normal NSF/OD and Negative Balance fees apply.

AccountTRANSFER is a contractual agreement for overdraft protection. It is not an automatic account feauture. You must request this service.