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Debit MasterCard®

How do I get one of these wonderful cards?
Click here to email a request for more information. Current customers can receive a Debit Card by calling Customer Support at 800-477-9801.

My card has an expiration. How do I get my replacement card?
The Debit MasterCard® does not expire until the end of the month of expiration. A replacement card will be sent before the last week of that month.

My transaction didn't go through.  It said I had an:

  • Address Verification Mismatch: 
    When you conduct a mail, telephone or Internet transaction using a credit card or check card, the merchant will provide your address as a part of the authorization and fraud prevention. If the address the merchant provides does not match what we have on file, exactly, it can be denied.
  • Daily Limit Exceeded: 
    For your protection, the Debit MasterCard® can be used for purchases up to a maximum of $2,500 per day. Additionally, up to $600 can be withdrawn at an ATM.
    Merchant's Processor Offline: 
    The transaction path from merchant's store where the transactions starts, to the bank, can be a very long and complicated path. If you've seen this message, it means the merchant's processor is "down" and the request is not reaching us.

Come by Fort Hood National Bank to see how convenient Debit MasterCard® banking can be. Click here to email a request for more information.

Debit MasterCard® Questions & Answers